May 22, 2019

Catholic Medical Association Congratulates Alabama, Georgia on Historic Pro-Life Legislation

PHILADELPHIA, PA– May 22,2019 –The Catholic Medical Association applauds the states of Alabama and Georgia, whose Governors have signed historic pro-life legislation into law.

Additionally, CMA recognizes the hard work of its members in those states, who have testified before lawmakers to ensure moral and medical perspectives were heard throughout the legislative processes.

“The CMA applauds any legislation that protects human life. We also encourage all to do what they can to help women in difficult situations with pregnancy,” said CMA President, Dr. John Schirger.

CMA recognizes the major step Alabama has taken with the Alabama Human Life Protection Act, which is the most restrictive abortion legislation to be passed to date.

“We are so grateful to our courageous legislators and governor who signed this life saving legislation and we give thanks to God for His blessings to our state,” said Dr. Christopher Rosko, President of CMA’s Alabama Guild.

In Georgia, the Living Infants Fairness and Equality (LIFE) Act was signed into law and prohibits abortion after a baby’s heartbeat can be detected (as early as six weeks into pregnancy).

CMA commends Dr. Kathleen Raviele, an OBGYN and former CMA President, who testified before Georgia lawmakers to ensure the bill was passed in her state.

“Representative Ed Setzler (R—Acworth) did a fine job crafting a bill, and carrying it through the state legislature, that protects the life of the unborn from the time a heartbeat can be detected at six weeks by ultrasound,” said Dr. Raviele.

In addition to congratulating Alabama and Georgia, who have recently made headlines with these great accomplishments, the CMA recognizes the work of members in other states including Ohio, where similar legislation has been passed or introduced.


The Catholic Medical Association is a national, physician-led community of over 2,300 healthcare professionals consisting of 109 local guilds. CMA’s mission is to inform, organize, and inspire its members, in steadfast fidelity to the teachings of the Catholic Church, and to uphold the principles of the Catholic faith in the science and practice of medicine.

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