June 25, 2019

Catholic Medical Association Defends Sanctity of Life After Rhode Island Passes Bill Allowing for Abortion Up to Birth

Philadelphia, PA— The Catholic Medical Association expressed its opposition to yet another law legalizing abortion up to the moment of birth—this time in Rhode Island.

“Yet again we find ourselves defending the sanctity of the lives of the most vulnerable,” said CMA President, Dr. John Schirger. “As Catholics and as health care providers we believe abortion at any stage of pregnancy is a violation of the dignity of the person being aborted, a person with a unique potential to bring goodness and joy into the world,” added Dr. Schirger.

The passing of Rhode Island’s law comes after several other states have passed similar legislation, in some cases allowing for late-term abortion, or making it legal for non-physicians to perform the life-ending procedure.

“The profession of medicine serves society best when it is dedicated to serving life in all its stages. Anything else causes confusion and undermines society’s trust in our wonderful profession,” said Dr. Paul Carpentier, CMA’s Regional Director for Rhode Island.

“Abortion is a procedure that is intended to always result in the death of a child, not just end a pregnancy. Permitting abortion until birth—intending the death of children fully capable of living outside the womb—is an especially indefensible assault on the dignity of the human person, that of the child,” said Barbara Golder, M.D., J.D., Editor-In-Chief of CMA’s The Linacre Quarterly.

CMA remains committed to defending life and hopeful that the actions of states including Alabama, Georgia, and Ohio—where historic pro-life legislation has been passed—will inspire other states to follow in their footsteps.

“All human life is precious, made in the image of God, via the cooperation between the couple and God, our Creator, who is the source of our souls. Each one of us is called to stewardship of these precious gifts,” added Dr. Carpentier.

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