June 20, 2019

Catholic Medical Association Opposes New Maine Law to Allow Non-Doctors to Perform Abortions

Philadelphia, PA—The Catholic Medical Association, which remains opposed to abortion, strongly condemns a new Maine law which will allow non-doctors to perform the life-ending procedure.  

“Upholding the dignity of life is important to us not only as Catholics, but as medical professionals,” said Dr. John Schirger, CMA President. “Not only does this law allow for the taking of innocent life, it makes abortion more accessible,” Dr. Schirger added.”

In addition to allowing non-doctors (nurses, nurse practitioners, certified nurse midwives) to perform the procedure, the new law will allow them to prescribe drugs for chemical abortions.  

“Catholic Medical Association opposes this bill and respects all life from conception to natural death,” said past President of the CMA, Dr. Lester Ruppersberger. “CMA’s medical professionals take an oath to uphold life and will not participate. Further, to allow clinical personnel to perform surgery without adequate surgical training diminishes the safe health care provided to women,” Dr. Ruppersberger added.  

“The profession of Nursing consistently has enjoyed the top ranking as being trusted by consumers of our care. Once we begin to participate in this violation of the most vulnerable of human life, our role as healers of humankind will be invalidated,” said Co-Chair of CMA’s Ethics Committee, Marie Hilliard, PhD, RN.  

CMA continues to fight for life and encourages Catholics everywhere to do the same.  

The Catholic Medical Association is a national, physician-led community of over 2,300 healthcare professionals consisting of 102 local guilds. CMA mission is to inform, organize, and inspire its members, in steadfast fidelity to the teachings of the Catholic Church, to uphold the principles of the Catholic faith in the science and practice of medicine.  

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