March 26, 2013

CMA at the March for Marriage

The CMA was present and noticed at the March for Marriage in Washington, D.C., on March 26, 2013. I (Executive Director John F. Brehany) marched alongside CMA members Agnes Bayer and Susan Beck, the husband of member Mary Andrews, M.D., and a couple of friends of the CMA. CMA marchers ended up in front of the Supreme Court, standing between the line of people affirming true marriage and a line of gay marriage advocates behind. I was interviewed by a local Fox TV affiliate and saw many people taking pictures of the CMA banner.
Having participated in 15-20 Marches for Life, I can say that I was (positively) struck by the welcome diversity of the crowd of 10,000+ affirming true marriage. There was a wide range of ages, but an even richer racial and ethnic diversity. We marched with African-Americans, Chinese and Koreans, Hispanics, and many others ranging from German to Irish. Interestingly enough, our opponents seemed to be mostly Caucasian, and young.  We’ll see where the Supreme Court ends up this summer.
I do hope we do not have to march for the next 40 years on this issue. Let us pray and work to build a culture that affirms and supports authentic marriage. JFB

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