March 13, 2013

CMA Episcopal Advisor interviewed on Bearing Witness

Most Rev. Robert F. Vasa, JCL, CMA’s Episcopal Advisor, was interviewed by the Catholic World Report on his responsability to ensure authentic Catholic formation in schools.  Bishop Vasa discussed the controversy over his directive, the aim of Catholic education, misunderstandings that exist about conscience, and a few of the challenges facing the Church in the United States.

Bishop Vasa recently required the 200 teachers in the diocesan schools to sign an addendum to their contracts, titled “Bearing Witness”. This addendum acknowledges that they are called “to a life of holiness” and that “this call is the more compelling for me since I have been entrusted, in my vocation as a teacher/administrator in a Catholic school, with the formation of souls.” It also states, “I am especially cognizant of the fact that modern errors—including but not limited to matters that gravely offend human dignity and the common good such as contraception, abortion, homosexual ‘marriage’ and euthanasia—while broadly accepted in society, are not consistent with the clear teachings of the Catholic Church.”

To read the full text of Bishop Vasa’s interview, click here.

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