June 20, 2012

CMA Members Stand Up for Religious Freedom

A large number of CMA members joined tens of thousands of others in the second round of Stand Up for Religious Freedom rallies held on Friday, June 8, 2012.  With 164 rallies across the United States, Americans’ determination to fight for our God-given rights and liberties was made known loud and clear.

Many CMA members participated as speakers, including Dr. Brian Donnelly, with the Pittsburgh Guild, who rallied the crowd by reminding people that the administration will not win this battle against the Catholic Church.  Dr. Paul Carpentier, former president of the Worcester Guild, spoke out in defense of true preventive medicine in his letter which was read to the Boston, Massachusetts rally, “I have never heard that ending someone’s life in abortion is preventive care . . . That is not hope; that is putting the blinders on and seeing only my way or the highway.  That is not allowing room for innovation, conscience, or for the religious rights that made this country great.”  Dr. Rebecca Peck, of the Orlando Guild, ended her talk by urging the crowd to keep fighting, “We are going to keep fighting and we will have our day, in God’s name. Amen!”

Below is a list of members who reported participating. Some sent links to media coverage of their events. Click the highlighted names below to view it.

  • Paul A Carpentier, M.D.- Worcester, MA Guild 
  • Brian Donnelly, M.D.- Pittsburgh, PA Guild
  • Bill Williams, M.D.- Philadelphia, PA Guild
  • Marie Boursiquot, M.D., F.A.C.P.- Baltimore, MD Guild
  • Rebecca Peck, M.D.- Orlando, FL Guild
  • Gary L. George, M.D.- Southwest Ohio Dayton Guild
  • Deacon Patrick Mongan, M.D.- Orlando, Fl Guild

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