2018 Annual Educational Conference

  September 20-22, 2018

 InterContinental Dallas Hotel, 15201 Dallas Parkway, Addison, TX 75001

The title of our conference implies that a technocracy serves as a barrier to providing appropriate healthcare to our patients.  Healthcare by definition should be an interaction between health provider, usually a physician, but also nurses and physician assistants, pharmacists, and others, and the patient.  While the patient’s needs are the primary dignity, the provider’s should be the goal of the interaction as well.  Much has been written and spoken about different ideologies and issues in biomedical ethics coming either between the patient and the healthcare provider, limiting a patient’s choices in pursuing their healthcare, and issues of conscience for providers.  There is however a paucity of materials written on technocracy as it relates to this process.

Technocracy implies that there are technical means including administrative, regulatory, and bureaucratic means, of delimiting information in the pursuit of efficiency and utility.  Often, this can stand in the way of on one hand addressing the particular needs of the patient, and on the other hand the almost prohibitive a providers being able to provide for those needs of the patient with dignity and in good conscience.

Technocracies have been utilized in service of ideology in the past.  Examples can be given from totalitarian regimes of the 20th century.  There is however a sense in which technocracy can control the lives and choices of patients and providers to an extent that some have called it a soft totalitarianism of sorts.

Our conference will investigate the ways in which healthcare providers, primarily physicians but others as well including nurses, dieticians and naturopathic providers, develop practices to best serve their patients in a personalized fashion.  We will also focus on how that sort of personalized care can be brought to bear within institutions as currently constituted.  There will be discussion of ideologies to which technocracies may be put to service of today.  There will also be forums and discussions of more direct means of providing a payment for healthcare services.

Patron Saints of the 2018 Conference, Saint Mother Teresa and Saint Pope John Paul II