84th Annual Educational Conference

Healing the Wounded Culture: Bringing the Wholeness of Healing to Humanity

Our culture is wounded. God is no longer permitted in our schools or workplace. The family is disintegrating. Almost 40% of marriages end in divorce. States are trying to change the definition of marriage. Several states have approved physician-assisted suicide. 34% of children grow up in a single-parent household. One in four teenagers acquires a new sexually transmitted disease every year. 4,000 abortions occur every day. 68% of Catholics use contraceptives. 70% of Catholics cohabit before marriage.

As healthcare providers, we need to heal the wounded culture. We need to practice ‘holy-istic’ medicine attending to the whole person of body, mind and spirit. We need to make a proper diagnosis, know what our Catholic church teaches and present a ‘holy-istic’ treatment to those who are suffering. We need to represent the healing Christ in the examination room, the hospital and the clinic. We need to bring His healing presence to our patients. We need “burning hearts”. This conference is intended to explore the wounds of body, mind and spirit and suggest ‘holy-istic’ healing approaches.

The 84th annual educational conference of the CMA will provide a much-needed focus on how to understand the presentation of wounds (diseases) of body, mind and spirit of the human person as it relates to contraception, abortion, sterilization, IVF techniques, STD’s, divorce, euthanasia, same sex attraction, pornography, sexual addiction, evil, vices and other medical and behavioral issues that affect the human person with health related manifestations of body, mind and spirit. Speakers will review the types of problems as listed above, their prevalence and pervasiveness throughout our culture, the effects that they have on the health related presentations to health providers in offices and clinics as well as solutions to address these clinical manifestations of these health related problems.

The 2015 conference will take place in Philadelphia’s first skyscraper ever built in the “City of Brotherly Love” - the Loew’s Philadelphia Hotel. Contemporary décor and gracious hospitality make Loews Philadelphia one of Center City’s most inviting luxury hotels,  recognized as one of the “World’s Best” by Travel + Leisure readers. Philadelphia is the cradle of liberty for our country with the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Founders Hall, an original copy of the declaration of Independence, many medical and art museums, many great restaurants, a world class art museum, a beautiful basilica, Ben Franklin’s grave, Betsy Ross’ house where she put together the first American flag, Admiral Dewey’s flag ship, the multi-cultural Reading Terminal of food, and many, many other opportunities for enjoyment. Arrive early or stay a little over and get to see what the first capital of the U.S. has to offer (some of which will be previewed at our special event on Thursday evening at the Constitution Center).

Join us in Philadelphia for an unforgettable experience of Healing the Wounded Culture!

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