CME Statements & Course Objectives

The conference is divided into three days of exploration of body wounds, mind wounds and spirit wounds. The mornings will predominantly focus on the woundedness. The afternoons will primarily focus on healing. Each session will be moderated by one of our Catholic medical students. Each session will cover the science and art of medicine in our modern world. Each session will attempt to outline many of the issues which affect our patients that lead to their suffering and how we, as authentically Catholic healthcare providers can recognize these ‘dis-eases’ and offer Christ’s healing through modern medical alternatives which are consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

The Imitation of Christ as Healer: Because Jesus has the only legitimate healing ministry, we equip Christians to heal by teaching them to imitate Christ. Jesus equipped the apostles to heal by taking them on tour with Him. They saw Him healing in many circumstances. Then Jesus sent them out with authority to heal as He healed. They simply imitated Jesus. Wednesday evening will offer reflections on woundedness and healing.

Every day begins with rosary, confessions and the Holy sacrifice of the mass. We will have a 24/7 adoration chapel. Each session will be opened with prayer and a scripture reference. On Saturday, we will have our annual St. Luke’s White mass celebrated by Archbishop Charles Chaput.