Poster Session


The CMA is proud to announce a call for submissions for academic posters for the
national conference in San Diego, CA


The CMA is interested in academic or scientific posters which relate broadly to the conference theme of “Medicine’s Integrity: Reclaiming the Doctor-Patient Relationship” although other submissions related specifically to Catholicism and medicine, the basic sciences/biomedical research, bioethics, philosophy, or theology will be actively considered.

Abstract submissions summarizing your work or paper thesis should be no more than 500 words. Only one (1) submission is permitted per person. A single submission may have multiple authors. Students or residents who submit under the “Scientific/Academic” category may also submit a different abstract under the “Student and Resident” category for consideration.

The poster should be organized in 1 of 3 formats:

a) Research: research posters should have the following sections: Background, Hypothesis, Methods, Results, Discussion/Conclusions, Limitations, Future Directions, References (no more than 5)

b) Philosophy/Theology/Bioethics: These posters should have a Background, Hypothesis, Argument (what are you trying to persuade us about?), Objections, Summary/Conclusion, and Reference section

c) Medical Education/Interventions/Pilot Projects/Organizational: Background (why was your intervention/group/org needed?); Process and Composition/Design of Intervention; Events that you had/Results: What kinds of events/activities did you organize? Costs? Training?; Resources: How can others repeat what you have done?, what do they need, what would be good for them to read/whom to contact?; Future Directions: what are your plans to expand this intervention/group etc. To assess its effectiveness? (If you already have data on this, place it under Events/Results); References (if any).

Abstracts will be peer-reviewed. Abstracts selected for presentation will be published in The Linacre Quarterly, which is indexed on ATLA CPLI: the Catholic Periodical and Literature Index, PubMed, PubMed Central (PMC), Scopus and The Philosopher’s Index.

Accepted posters will be displayed during a large open reception; WE WILL BE AWARDING A PRIZE TO THE BEST POSTER, TO BE PRESENTED AT THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY ON FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2020.

Please send questions or abstract submissions by JULY 15 to [email protected].  If accepted, further instructions on poster format will be sent. DO NOT PRINT OR DESIGN POSTERS UNTIL YOU HAVE RECEIVED WORD THAT YOUR POSTER IS ACCEPTED. I would also be happy to look at your poster/review it with you before printing.

Yours Sincerely,

Barbara Golder, MD, JD, Editor in Chief, The Linacre Quarterly