Medical Student and Resident Boot Camp


Thank you to all participants and organizers for a successful 2017 Boot Camp

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2018 Medical Student and Resident Boot Camp, June 18-24, 2018, at The Conference Center at the University of St. Mary of the Lake (Mundelein Seminary), Mundelein, Illinois


The CMA Medical Student and Resident Boot Camp is a several-day intensive formation experience of prayer, study, practical training, and mentoring with leading Catholic Medical Association physicians, priests, and moral theologians.

The title “Boot Camp” has been chosen to emphasize the fact that the Catholic medical students will be engaged in fighting a battle against a culture of secularism, atheism, relativism, and scientism that pervades medical education in the United States.

The goals are to assist Catholic medical students to:

    1. More fully live and understand the Catholic faith and moral tradition in order to thrive as faithful Catholic physicians.
    2. Develop skills to help organize Catholic support groups within medical schools and residency programs.
    3. Evangelize Catholics and non-Catholics encountered throughout medical training.

Eligible applicants are CMA members currently enrolled in medical school, and those who will be matriculating into medical school in the summer or fall. Residents may apply, as well.

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