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The Catholic Medical Association helps physicians grow in the spirit of Christ in their personal and professional lives, so they can bring His Spirit to the science and art of medicine.

2010 Annual Educational Conference
  • CMA Statement on Supreme Court Hobby Lobby Decision

    Bala Cynwyd, Pa.—The Catholic Medical Association welcomes the Supreme Court's decision in Burwell et al. v. Hobby Lobby. Once again, the Supreme Court has curtailed the Obama administration’s abuse of executive power and unprecedented attacks on religious liberty.

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  • Abortion Interrupted: CMA Member Reverses Abortion Drug After Mom Changes Mind

    After a Colorado woman regretted her decision to undergo a chemical abortion, she desperately searched for a doctor who could reverse the effects of the abortion drug mifepristone. She found CMA member Edwin Anselmi, M.D., who quickly implemented a protocol developed by two other CMA members, George Delgado, M.D., and Mary Davenport, M.D.

    To read more about Dr. Anselmi and additional inspiring details of the case, click this link.

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  • Catholic panelists to examine Obamacare

    by Julie Filby, Denver Catholic Register

    - An upcoming panel discussion set for March 19 will bring together four prominent Catholics to analyze the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), commonly referred to as “Obamacare,” through the eyes of the Church.

    Click this link to read the full article on the Denver Catholic Register's website.

    **Note: This panel discussion is being hosted by the Catholic Medical Association Denver Guild.

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  • LA editorial wrong on birth control, Catholic women charge

    by Kevin J. Jones, Catholic News Agency

    .- Women medical experts, theologians, and ethicists joined voices in rejecting a Los Angeles Times editorial by a prominent birth control advocate, who recently criticized Catholic morality and claimed that nuns should take birth control for their health.

    Click this link to read the full article on the Catholic News Agency's website.

    **Note: The article features comments by Dr. Rebecca Peck, M.D., a CMA member and a leading member of the Orlando Guild, which won the first annual Outstanding Guild Award in 2010.

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  • Neither Snow nor Cold Stop the CMA from Marching

    Despite a blizzard that barred many pro-lifers from attending, and wind chill  temperatures below 0 degrees, CMA members gave witness at the 2014 March for Life. 

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