Press Releases

January 27, 2017

Linacre Quarterly Call for Papers, for Special Issue on Women’s Health Care

“The Linacre Quarterly is preparing a special issue on women’s health care to include a holistic picture of the factors that influence the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual well-being of women. As many secular and Catholic journals focus on reproductive health topics, this special image will focus on exploration of other women’s health topics.”

December 16, 2016

CMA Affirms Truth of Teaching on Contraception

In recent months, the dissident group The Wijngaards Institute published a statement, “Catholic Scholars’ Statement on the Ethics of Using Contraception,” claiming to “reassess” the

July 14, 2016

CMA Dismayed at SCOTUS Overturning Safety Requirements for TX Abortion Clinics

The CMA was dismayed and saddened by the June 27, 2016, Supreme Court decision against basic safety requirements for Texas abortion clinics.  Due to documented unsanitary conditions and poor safety records at many abortion clinics country-wide, the Texas state law was useful and necessary.  Texas’ law (H.B. 2) required that abortion facilities meet the same... Read More

July 13, 2016

CMA Opposes Pubertal Suppression in Minors for “Gender-Choosing” Purposes

The CMA urges health care professionals to adhere to genetic science and sexual complementarity over ideology in the treatment of gender dysphoria (GD) in children.  This includes especially avoiding puberty suppression and the use of cross-sex hormones in children with GD.  Human sexuality is binary by design to ensure the reproduction of our species.  One’s... Read More

August 25, 2015

Defund Planned Parenthood and Stop Fetal Organ Trafficking

August 3, 2015 Philadelphia, PA- The Board of Directors of the Catholic Medical Association (CMA), the largest association of Catholic physicians and healthcare professionals in the United States, calls upon the American Medical Association and all other medical organizations to condemn fetal organ trafficking. The Catholic Medical Association is deeply disturbed by revelations that Planned... Read More

April 23, 2015

Wisconsin CMA Guilds Issue Statement Opposing Legalization of Assisted Suicide

The Wisconsin Catholic Medical Guilds have created an official statement opposing legalization of assisted suicide.  The Guild is opposing Senate Bill 28 and the companion, Assembly Bill 67. These bills would exempt healthcare providers from criminal, civil and disciplinary liability for prescribing and dispensing lethal doses of medication. The physician-led Catholic Medical Guilds of Wisconsin,... Read More