2010 Outstanding Guild Award

The Orlando Guild won the 1st Annual Outstanding Guild Award for its impressive, three-stage service to the Diocese of Orlando.

  • First, the guild organized the annual priests’ convocation with a seminar on September 7-8, 2010, titled Marriage and Family; Love and Life, which presented the medical and scientific facts undergirding the teachings of the Church on these critical topics.
  • Second, the guild spearheaded the development of a network of over 100 people – physicians, priests, natural family planning (NFP) and Theology of the Body instructors, and witness couples – to provide ongoing support for couples striving to live out the teaching of the Church on marital love and life.
  • Finally, guild members agreed to start a monthly column in the diocesan newspaper. Titled “The Catholic Doctor Is In,” a series of articles has been running in the diocesan paper for the last 6 months, with 5 guild doctors contributing columns on NFP, infertility, adult stem-cell research, health-care reform, and living wills.

Click here to view a copy of the Orlando Guild’s Award Application.