2011 Outstanding Guild Award

The Baltimore Guild won the 2nd Annual Outstanding Guild Award for an impressive array of projects serving medical students, their diocese, and the public.

  • In 2011, the Baltimore Guild hosted three to five presentations to help evangelize the surrounding culture. These events were open to physicians, medical students, allied health professionals, clergy, and anyone interested in the topic matter. The events always began with the celebration of Mass followed by the presentation. CME’s and CEU’s were available to registered physician and nurse members.
  • The guild has worked with its archdiocese to begin an annual medical ethics symposium for Catholic professionals. The 2011 event was the third annual symposium.
  • The Baltimore Guild helped to establish an active medical students’ chapter at University of Maryland School of Medicine and this fall is starting a second student section at Johns Hopkins University.
  • With the support of the archbishop, the guild began a new initiative of reaching out to members of the clergy to help promote the work of the CMA.
  • The Baltimore Guild maintains a website and publishes a newsletter.

Click here to view a copy of the Baltimore Guild’s Award Application.