2013 Outstanding Guild Award

The Nashville Guild was the winner of the 4th Annual Outstanding Guild Award for excellence in responding to the call of the Church for a New Evangelization.

  • Inspired by the recent CMA national meetings highlighting the New Evangelization, and called by Pope Benedict to embrace this Year of Faith, the Nashville guild was moved to engage its membership more deeply in their understanding of the Catholic faith and its intersection with the practice of medicine, and so tailored presentations at its monthly meetings to draw attention to this grace-filled year.
  • In addition, the Guild took on two new projects to respond to the call for a new evangelization which, as characterized by Blessed John Paul II, is “new in its ardor, methods, and expression.” –
    • The first was designing and delivering a beautiful monthly electronic newsletter;
    • The second, a response to a specific request of the Holy See that the faithful deepen their study of the Catechism involved organizing an 11-month program of “Year of Faith Study Evenings” for physicians and spouses to examine, in a small group setting, the first part of the Catechism which elaborates on the Creed.

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