2014 Outstanding Guild Award

Dr. Jerome Lejeune Catholic Medical Guild of Northeast Indiana was the winner of the 5th Annual Outstanding Guild Award for its Exemplary Efforts in Prayer, Education and Public Awareness.

  • The Christian Meaning of Human Suffering (Salvifici Doloris)
    • On the third Saturday morning of each month, guild members and interested medical professionals meet at our Cathedral chapel for 8 a.m. morning mass followed by a discussion based catechesis program based on Saint John Paul II’s Apostolic Exhortation Salvifici Doloris. Each Saturday, an average of 12 professionals meet, typically split evenly between physicians and nurses. Our Secretary Julie Bryan, MD provides us with drinks and health breakfast food while we read and discuss this program.
    • The didactic portion of the course is written, and participants take turns reading paragraphs until a discussion-question is reached. Then the questions is discussed. This way, every one who wants to talk has a chance, and nobody gets a chance to take over the meeting since the document summary and explication is already provided and approved as being consistent with Church teaching.
  • Education of Laity
    • The Catholic Doctor is In
      • Monthly 600-700 word column in Diocesan Newspaper Today’s Catholic
    • Interviews with members and reporting on events in Today’s Catholic!
    • Redeemer Radio Programs
      • Faith and Medicine Minutes
      • ManAlive Minutes, based on Salvifici Doloris, John Paul’s document on Human Suffering
      • Redeemer Mornings with Jim Tighe

Click here to view a copy of the Dr. Jerome Lejeune Catholic Medical Guild of Northeast Indiana’s Award Application.
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