January 26, 2014

Neither Snow nor Cold Stop the CMA from Marching

Despite a blizzard that barred many pro-lifers from attending, and wind chill  temperatures below 0 degrees, CMA members gave a powerful witness at the 2014 March for Life. Over 13 people, including 9 physicians and their family members, marched together. Physician marchers included Jack Lane, MD, immediate past president (who felt right at home since it was even colder in his hometown of Rochester, MN), George Isajiw, MD and grandson Patrick, Frederick Meier, MD and his wife (Michigan), Mark Doherty, MD and his wife Bianca (Tennessee), Elissa Sanchez-Speach, MD (Rochester, NY), John Sullivan MD (South Carolina), Edward Fleming, MD, Trevor Martenson, MD,  and Matthew Weitzel, MD, from Lancaster, PA—who thoughtfully brought their white coats—and a non-member physician from Towson, MD who saw the CMA sign and joined in for the March.
Despite the cold and many cancellations of buses, trains, and flights, the crowd was large and spirited. The March for Life rally was well organized and executed by the new governing board. All in all, the 2014 March was a rewarding experience which showed that devotion to respect for life burns hot in spite of the worst winter weather.

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