November 15, 2012

Nevada Judge Rules Against Forced Abortion

A Nevada judge ruled earlier this week that a 32-year-old mentally disabled woman would not be forced to undergo an abortion against her own will and against the will of her parents and guardians.

The case began in September when social workers discovered that 32-year-old Elisa Bauer was pregant. These social workers, and some healthcare providers, argued that Elisa’s epilepsy, and some medications she was taking, rendered the pregnancy a threat to her and the health of her unborn child. Since Elisa is not a competent adult, they sought a court order to force an abortion and sterilization in the case.

A number of organizations, including the Catholic Medical Association, provided resources to assist the family and to guide the court. Thankfully, Judge Egan Walker ruled that a forced abortion was not necessary or just. It is not clear whether social workers will continue to pursue a court order for a forced sterilization. All court documents in the case have been sealed.

Thanks to all the CMA doctors who helped with the case. Please keep the Bauer family in your prayers.

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