The Catholic Medical Association is governed by a board of directors composed of four officers (president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary) and four additional voting members (immediate past president, past president, and two representatives from the regional directors).

The executive director of the CMA is responsible for coordinating efforts to strengthen the CMA internally and to enhance its ability to witness effectively in the public square.

The CMA’s 5 regional directors, spread out over the United States, serve as official advisors to the board of directors at its annual board meeting.

The membership of the CMA has the right and ability to participate in key decisions of the organization each year. The General Assembly of CMA members, held each year at the annual conference, has the power to elect officers, pass resolutions, and to act on matters brought before it by the board of directors. Voting members of the General Assembly include the board of directors, regional directors, all past presidents who indicate their assent to remain members of the General Assembly, and those delegates elected from each chartered guild.

All CMA leaders are called to be servant-leaders—both in clinical practice and in governing the CMA.