January 3, 2022

Catholic Medical Association Announces New President, Dr. Craig Treptow, will Lead CMA Through End of 2023

Dr. Treptow’s Presidency Follows Two Year Term of Dr. Michael Parker

Philadelphia, PA – January 3, 2022—Catholic Medical Association is happy to announce Dr. Craig Treptow’s term as President of the organization has officially commenced. Dr. Treptow’s term will last through December of 2023.

In his inaugural address below, Dr. Treptow details what he hopes to accomplish in his term, including three key areas of focus.

Dr. Treptow’s presidency follows a two year term served by Dr. Michael Parker, who led CMA fearlessly through the COVID-19 pandemic, which was felt deeply by health care professionals around the world.

“I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to have served our incredible organization. The commitment of our members to the Catholic Faith and the dedication to living it out through our vocation as physicians, nurses and health care professionals is truly inspiring. I wish Dr. Treptow much success in his term ahead,” said Dr. Michael Parker, Immediate Past President of CMA.

“We are extremely appreciative for the innovation and leadership Dr. Parker brought to the CMA throughout his years as President. We know he has left Dr. Treptow with a solid foundation on which CMA can build. We look forward to Dr. Treptow’s leadership as we enter into 2022,” said Mario Dickerson, Executive Director.

Dr. Treptow is a diplomat of the American Board of Family Medicine and sees patients of all ages in Great Falls, MT. He obtained his Doctor of Medicine in 1992 from Washington University Medical School in St. Louis and completed his residency in Lincoln, NE.

Dr. Treptow’s Inaugural Address:

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Christmas has just joyfully arrived in our lives, and now we find ourselves marching through it’s Octave.  What a magnanimous way God reminds us that despite all the injustice and pain in the world, the divisions of COVID-19 vaccines and mandates, we find Joy and Peace in the birth of a baby in a manger.  This joy is sensed by all because now there is hope: God became Man so that we might be saved. With that joy and assurance, we can face anything in 2022.  

With the new year, our CMA leadership also changes. I thank Dr. Mike Parker for his service, and for leading us these past two years. He helped navigate the CMA amid the challenging waters of COVID-19’s impact on our professional and personal lives. He will be missed as he steps down from being President.

Where will we go next? What new challenges will be in store for us this next year? Who is in charge? The Board of Directors will continue to provide governance over the organization, and I will be stepping into Dr. Parker’s Presidential shoes. As a Family Medicine physician in private practice, I treat patients from newborns to those at the end of their life. For twenty-six years, I have enjoyed the beauty of Montana (albeit, quite frigid and snowy at the moment).  

At the 2021 Annual Education Conference in Orlando, I spoke about three areas we will be focusing on in the coming year. First, we will provide the tools to support our members at the local, state, and national levels. Secondly, the CMA will solidify newly formed alliances, and hopefully create new ones. Developing these relationships are important and allow us to better fulfill our mission of “Inspiring Physicians to Imitate Jesus Christ.”  Finally, we will turn our attention to our international Catholic colleagues. We are fortunate to live in the United States and have the CMA medical organization that we do. How can we share content with and learn from our colleagues in South America or other continents?  How can we better develop our connections with other foreign Catholic medical associations?  These are the areas the Board of Directors will be pondering at our Winter Meeting in Philadelphia, and into the new year.

I look forward to serving as your President. Please contact the National CMA office if you have any suggestions or ideas for the CMA. 

Laudetur Jesus Christus! 

Dr. Craig Treptow

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