September 8, 2021

Catholic Medical Association Commends Texas for Life Affirming Law Banning Abortion as Early as 6 Weeks

Philadelphia, PA- September 8, 2021—Catholic Medical Association is applauding the action taken by lawmakers in Texas, after the state has banned abortions as early as six weeks into a pregnancy. 

“This historic and life-affirming action by both Texas- and The Supreme Court- is a victory for all those who work tirelessly to protect life and respect the inherit dignity of every human being from the moment of fertilization,” said CMA President, Dr. Michael Parker. 

“Science and faith have a unique way of always telling the truth and we are tremendously grateful for Texas lawmakers who clearly recognize the basic principles of the development of a human person,” added Dr. Parker. 

In medicine, we place a special emphasis on the heartbeat. In the early stages of pregnancy, the heartbeat is indicative of human life. CMA has long stood behind laws- or proposed laws- like this in other states, and our members have shared medical expertise to enrich the discourse with facts. 

In June of 2019, Dr. Lester Ruppersberger, OBGYN and Past President of CMA, stated that “actual scientific proof of the heart beating in an embryo occurs at 18-20 days post-fertilization, so as science advances, earlier restrictions will become the order of the day.” 

However, even with heartbeats offering concrete proof of life, CMA believes there is still work to be done to protect life from conception even if a heartbeat cannot yet be detected. 

We encourage our members, as well as all pro-life advocates, especially in Texas, to contact local lawmakers in support of this law. 

We also ask health care professionals to contact any medical societies to which they belong in support of this and similar life-affirming laws.

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