October 29, 2020

Catholic Medical Association Congratulates Secretary of State and HHS on Signing of Geneva Consensus Declaration

Philadelphia, PA- October 29, 2020- The Catholic Medical Association congratulates The U.S. Secretary of State and The Department of Health and Human Services on the signing of the Geneva Consensus Declaration, to promote women’s health and strengthen the family.

 “To stand in solidarity with U.S. and other world leaders as action is taken to achieve better health care and a better society which respects the intrinsic value of every human being, is a privilege. We look forward to the positive impacts this will make on families around the globe,” said Dr. Michael Parker, CMA President and OBGYN. 

The declaration underscores much of the work CMA members advocate for in their practices and as Catholics: to uphold critical aspects of women’s health, including a child’s right to full pregnancy, birth, and care after birth. We also affirm the declaration’s assertion that the family unit is the fundamental block of society and deserves protections as well. 

We extend our gratitude to the 32 countries who have signed the declaration. 

“The member organizations of the International Federation of Catholic Medical Associations (FIAMC) wish to commend the signatories of the Geneva Consensus for their universal recognition of the health care rights of women as enumerated in the declaration.  These policies put the needs of families first and promote the dignity of every human person,” said Dr. Jack Lane, Vice President of FIAMC and Past President of CMA. 

HHS Secretary Alex Azar explained at the historic signing, “The declaration is much more than a statement of beliefs; it is a critical and useful tool to defend these principles across all United Nations bodies and at every multilateral setting using language previously agreed to by member-states of those bodies.” 

The CMA applauds this action and prays it will pave the way for humane and dignified health care for women and children going forward.

 Dr. Marie- Alberte Boursiquot, Past President of CMA, had the opportunity to personally congratulate Secretary Azar. 

“On behalf of the Catholic Medical Association, I thanked and congratulated him on this monumental accomplishment which shows this administration’s commitment to the dignity of human life and the family. As a physician-led organization, we are excited to share this document with our obstetrician and gynecological colleagues,” said Dr. Boursiquot.

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