February 4, 2021

Catholic Medical Association Expresses Concerns After Biden Administration Rescinds Mexico City Policy

Philadelphia, PA- February 4, 2021- The Catholic Medical Association expresses grave concern regarding President Joe Biden’s action to rescind Mexico City Policy, allowing foreign governments to use U.S. assistance to fund abortions.

“The Catholic Medical Association is very disappointed that the Biden Administration actively promotes abortion under a false guise of healthcare,” said Dr. Michael Parker, CMA President.

“Abortion destroys life and undermines the critical role family plays in maintaining societal stability in our nation and abroad. We must do better as a country and seek to respect the dignity of life rather than eliminate it,” added Dr. Parker.

CMA remains dedicated to effecting change and supporting life-affirming policy.

“As healthcare professionals with years of experience, we know first-hand how important it is for families to have the resources for success. We urge our federal leaders to explore solutions which respect the dignity of life rather than perpetuate a “throwaway” culture,” said Dr. Steve White, Chair of CMA’s Healthcare Policy Committee.

The CMA remains dedicated to being a resource for women and families. We continue to advocate for good healthcare, backed by sound science.

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