July 1, 2021

Catholic Medical Association Expresses Thanks to Ohio Governor Mike DeWine for Protecting Conscience Rights

Philadelphia, PA- July 1, 2021- The Catholic Medical Association today expressed its gratitude to Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, for his actions to uphold conscience protection for health care workers and patients.

Governor DeWine signed HB 110, which includes language to maintain conscience protection, despite pressure to line item veto these measures.

“Governor DeWine should be commended for his commitment to dignified health care. His clear understanding that health care professionals must have the right to freedom of conscience is vital to ensuring the health and safety of our patients,” said CMA President, Dr. Michael Parker.

The CMA and its expert physician members on various committees, including our Ethics Committee and Health Care Policy Committee, remain dedicated to advocating for the right to conscience protection and religious freedom in the practice of medicine.

“The support of leaders like Governor DeWine will protect health care professionals and patients for years to come. Conscience freedom is a civil right which must be protected so that medical professionals have the freedom to care for patients from a scientific, moral and ethical standpoint,” added Dr. Parker.

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