October 19, 2020

Catholic Medical Association Issues Support of Colorado Proposition 115

Philadelphia, PA- October 19, 2020- The Catholic Medical Association today issued its full support of Colorado’s Proposition 115, which would ban abortions after 22 weeks. 

“Proposition 115 seeks to defend the dignity of life which is the cornerstone of our mission at Catholic Medical Association,” said Dr. Michael Parker, CMA President.

Though the CMA recognizes that from the moment of conception there is scientific and medical evidence of the development of the complex human person, we are relieved to see Proposition 115 on the Colorado ballot, as it is one of seven states that permit unrestricted abortion through the third trimester. 

“Supporting Proposition 115 is crucial for the dignity of the child. A 22-week baby in utero should enjoy the same legal status as a 22-week baby born prematurely,” said Dr. Michelle Stanford, CMA Secretary and a practicing pediatrician in Colorado. 

In addition to protecting the lives of innocent babies, CMA notes that Proposition 115 is crucial for the health and safety of expecting mothers. 
“Physicians recognize that late term abortion is cruel and has the highest rate of death of any outpatient surgical procedure. The CDC established that for every additional week of gestation up to 21+ weeks, the risk of dying from abortion increased by 38%,” added Dr. Stanford. 

The CMA applauds any legislative attempts to protect life at all stages and we remain dedicated to upholding the dignity of life for the most vulnerable.

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