September 19, 2022

Catholic Medical Association Supports Scientific Approach to Sex Medicine in Florida

Philadelphia, PA-September 19, 2022- The Florida Board of Medicine will soon discuss and vote on regulations related to sex medicine practices in that state. 

Attention is particularly directed to concerns that pertain to informed consent and the transition of children and adolescents.

Catholic Medical Association is very concerned about these young lives and committed to their protection, and calls on the Florida Board of Medicine to restrict the harmful interventions that negatively impact these young people, their families, and their futures.

An increasing number of medical and evidence-based studies clearly demonstrate the short-term and long-term harms that result from these methods. 

Thus, the answer to the decision in Florida is clear: Restrictions on so-called “gender-affirming care” are not only supported by science, but by ethics as well.

The CMA calls on all its members and others to make their voice heard in this matter, whether in Florida or elsewhere. It is time for these misguided and misinformed methods to be viewed medically and scientifically, rather than politically. 

As each state addresses these and other medical issues, the CMA stands ready to defend the safety, rights, and dignity of every person.

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