October 2, 2020

CMA Wishes President Trump, First Lady Melania Trump Well After Positive COVID-19 Tests

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump well after they have tested positive for COVID-19. “Our prayers are with the President and First Lady as they work to overcome COVID-19. We continue to pray for all those suffering from this virus and their loved ones,” said CMA President Dr. Michael Parker. Since the onset of the pandemic, CMA dedicated itself to informing members, patients, and Catholics around the world of the latest science and medicine regarding COVID-19. Last week, CMA doctors shared an interactive and critical understanding of the latest data regarding COVID-19 through the lens of Catholic Social Teaching.  

  Using the best current scientific data, the resources above aim to evaluate and balance the threat and harms of the pandemic, as well as the benefits and unintended deleterious effects of the various public health measures taken to control the pandemic. “As our nation and world continue the fight against COVID-19, the CMA remains dedicated to promoting the principles of the Catholic Faith in the science and practice of medicine,” said Dr. Parker.

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