September 29, 2020

COVID-19 Through the Lens of Catholic Social Teaching

From the CMA’s 2020 Annual Educational Conference:


CMA Experts Present Latest Science and Medicine on COVID-19 from a Catholic Perspective

Experts present critical understanding of COVID-19 through the lens of Catholic Social Teaching

Philadelphia, PA- September 30, 2020- Experts at the Catholic Medical Association have provided an in-depth look at the latest science and medicine regarding COVID-19.

Infectious disease and public health specialists, Drs. Paul Cieslak and Paul Carson, former infectious disease researcher, Dr. Thomas McGovern, and Dr. Anthony Flood, Professor of Philosophy for North Dakota State University, shared an interactive and critical understanding of the latest data regarding COVID-19 through the lens of Catholic Social Teaching. 

The presentation attempts to evaluate and balance the very real threat and harms from the pandemic, as well as the benefits and unintended deleterious effects of the various public health measures taken to control the pandemic.

The doctors used the best current scientific evidence to assess harms and benefits, and use the lens of Catholic Social Teaching to strike the best balance.

The presentation and subsequent panel discussion (Q&A) were first presented at the CMA’s Annual Educational Conference last week. 
In summation of their work, Dr. Paul Cieslak said, “It is possible to believe both that COVID-19 is a formidable disease and that public authorities overreacted to it.”

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