Cardinal Raymond Burke poses for a photo with members of the CMA at the Annual Conference in Orlando, FL. (Photo by: Dr. John Hartman)

Why Donate to the Catholic Medical Association (CMA)?

The CMA relies on generous donors, funders, and corporate sponsors to build successful programs to serve the entire Catholic community (both in the United States and abroad) through education, advocacy, and service.

Medical students are particularly close to the hearts of CMA members and our donors. CMA supports medical students through a variety of means (including events like the Medical Student and Resident Boot Camp) to help keep their faith strong as they train to enter the medical profession.

Donations also help extend our advocacy and educational work within the Church, including the Vatican, the U.S. bishops, diocesan programs, and national and local lay apostolates.

2016 Annual Appeal

Through the CMA's 2016 Annual Appeal — “Bringing Joy Through Healing” — we hope to generate the funds we need to sustain and improve the major programs by which we form medical students, serve the Church, and witness the culture of healing. There are 4 major areas of focus in the 2016 Annual Appeal:

  • Medical Student & Resident Education. This fund supports our Student and Resident Sections with scholarships and funding for various educational opportunities such as the CMA’s Annual Educational Conference and the Medical and Resident Student Boot Camp.
  • Member Benefit Enhancements. Member Dues only cover a portion of the benefits currently provided by the CMA. Scholarships and some programming are covered through philanthropic support. Your gift will enable us to fulfill our vision of offering more benefits such as additional online resources and increased opportunities for CME credit.
  • Public Advocacy. This fund underwrites the personnel, projects, and resources needed to effectively improve healthcare policy.
  • Evangelization. Radio advertisements, working with episcopal advisors, and the Holy Alliance initiative, are just a few ways the CMA is a resource to the Church when it comes to forming the faithful on issues related to science and medicine.

We invite you to support the CMA by donating to the Annual Appeal. And, if God has blessed you and you are willing and able, we invite you to join the “Pacesetter Circle” of donors with a gift of $500 or more. See the tabs on the left margin for options to donate online or to download a PDF form.

CMA is a 501c3 organization; donations are tax-deductible in the United States to the full extent of the law. If you would like to make a monthly, quarterly, or annual pledge (an automatically recurring credit card transaction) please call (484) 270-8002.