Student Reflections

“The CMA conference: forging new friendships and igniting fires in souls for over 85 years! I feel encouraged to brings Christ with me as I step back into the world. He will be my Lamp, and I will be His hands.”
Anne-Marie Carpenter

“This conference affirmed my vocation as a Catholic PA by inspiring a sense of urgency to join with my fellow healthcare professionals to serve, heal, learn, and evangelize, but I also felt Jesus knock at the door of my heart to remind me that within this larger call, I am still a unique and beloved daughter of the King meant to love and be loved by Christ.”
– Hannah Wilson

“The CMA conference gave me the beautiful stories and advice of passionate Catholic physicians, many new friends and reunions with old friends, and a deepening of faith which strengthens me for the challenges of each day.”
– Martin Brown

“I do not practice the Catholic faith, but I wanted to reflect by saying I left the conference with eyes a little wider, open to alternative viewpoints and perspectives present in the health care field that I am eager to carry with me into my journey to being a future physician. I was touched by the loving and enriching atmosphere and really appreciated the opportunity to attend, though only for an hour!“
– Tejasvi Peesay

“The conference inspires, challenges, and motivates me anew to grow in my faith and strive for professional excellence.”
– Anna Purzycka

“’Look Mother, I make all things new.’ Walking into the hospital early Monday morning with the first hints of the sun’s rays on the far horizon, I was tired and drowsy and behind on articles I needed to read over the weekend. That softening of the horizon, however, was reflective of the hope cultivated in my heart from my weekend at the Educational Conference of the Catholic Medical Association. This was no surprise when for the past five days I was blessed with time with the Real Presence of the Lord in Eucharistic adoration, meals and conversations with genuine physicians living the Gospel, and presentations throughout the days drawing me closer to practicing medicine in the manner of the Divine Physician. Even in the darkness of the night that seems ever present in the practice of modern medicine, the Lord worked through my time at the conference to nurture in me that saving hope, those rays of the sun, that reminder that he is indeed, in me and in the world, making all things news. Thank you to the Catholic Medical Association.”
Michael Barkowski