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June 22, 2020

Catholic Medical Association Concerned After SCOTUS Redefines the Meaning of Sex as “Sexual Orientation” and “Gender Identity”

Philadelphia, PA- June 22, 2020— Catholic Medical Association today expressed its concern regarding a recent Supreme Court decision to redefine the meaning of sex as a person’s perceived sexual orientation or gender identity. The SCOTUS ruling upheld a 1964 decision about racial discrimination and applied it to sex. Despite what science and biology tell us, the ruling makes it... Read More

June 17, 2020

Catholic Medical Association Applauds HHS Action to Enforce Section 1557 of Affordable Care Act, Protect Conscience, Religious Freedom

Philadelphia, PA- June 17, 2020— Catholic Medical Association today expressed its gratitude to the Department of Health and Human Services for its action to enforce Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act. Under HHS’ new rule, health care workers at federally funded facilities are no longer obligated to perform or partake in procedures- including transgender surgeries-... Read More

May 27, 2020

Catholic Medical Association Provides Expert Resources for Reopening Churches, Celebrating Mass

Philadelphia, PA- May 27, 2020— The Catholic Medical Association, working with its physician members, continues to provide critical resources to ensure safety as the world navigates through the COVID-19 Pandemic. Included in our efforts are several documents which detail best practices and guidelines for celebrating sacraments, developed by medical experts and religious leaders- including CMA... Read More

May 18, 2020

Catholic Medical Association’s Official Radio Show, Doctor, Doctor, Wins Gabriel Award

The Catholic Press Association will host the Catholic Media Awards on July 2 at 3 p.m. CT on its Facebook page. Visit www.catholicmediaconference.org/home for more information Philadelphia, PA- May 18, 2020— Catholic Medical Association is proud to announce Doctor, Doctor is a first-place recipient of a Gabriel Award, an annual Catholic Press Association contest which... Read More

April 3, 2020

Catholic Medical Association Encourages Ethical COVID-19 Vaccine Research

Philadelphia, PA- April 3, 2020—The Catholic Medical Association announced today its opposition of the use of cells from aborted babies being used to develop a vaccine for Covid-19. “We need to ensure vaccinating as many people as possible. To achieve this goal, we must ensure the availability of an equally efficacious vaccine be produced that would... Read More

March 27, 2020

Guiding Principles For Catholic Healthcare Professionals During a Pandemic

The Ethics Committee of the Catholic Medical Association Catholic physicians and health care workers for centuries have led the world in the care for the most vulnerable during times of crisis. Recalling our commissioning by the Divine Physician, the Catholic Christian physician has a special calling—different from the secular world—in that he or she sees... Read More

February 13, 2020

Deficiencies in Scientific Evidence for Medical Management of Gender Dysphoria

The Linacre Quarterly, official journal of The Catholic Medical Association, publishes article which finds ‘serious deficits’ in scientific evidence for medical management of gender dysphoria For Immediate Release Philadelphia, PA—In an article published in the February 2020 issue of The Linacre Quarterly, Dr. Paul Hruz critically details “serious deficits” in scientific evidence regarding medical management... Read More

November 25, 2019

Catholic Medical Association Responds to Article on Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Philadelphia, PA—The Catholic Medical Association disagrees with information in a recent article published by The Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine and The Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology, in which a claim is made that Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) pose serious health risks. On the contrary, crisis pregnancy centers or pregnancy information centers, are... Read More