What CMA does for members

CMA works at both the national and local level to provide services that benefit the entire Catholic health care community and the culture around us.

Membership benefits include: spiritual and professional support; subscription to The Linacre Quarterly; access to the online Members Only Community platform; educational opportunities and networking; email updates and action alerts; early bird registration discount for the Annual Educational Conference.

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National advocacy
We are a national advocate for the views of Catholic physicians and health care professionals. The CMA provides a voice for Catholic medical and ethical principles in society and in the media, and addresses issues at federal and state government levels that are vital to Catholic health care

Defense of conscience
We defend your right to follow your conscience and Catholic teachings so you can protect your integrity and help build a culture of life. The CMA serves as a beacon of light for Catholics in health care in our current culture of darkness

National and local support communities
CMA builds national and local communities (guilds) of physicians and health care professionals who want to learn about and live their Catholic faith. We provide the best in continuing medical education at our annual conferences.

Defense of the Catholic faith
We defend the Catholic faith and those who stand up for Catholic teaching on vital health care issues. The CMA supports the Pope and bishops in the United States. We help make the Church stronger and more successful in witnessing to Christ in the complex world of modern medicine.

Spiritual and moral formation and support
The CMA provides spiritual and moral support for Catholic physicians and health care professionals, both through the national office, in the local guilds, at annual conferences, and through the mutual support among members.

Subscription to the Linacre Quarterly
Receive the Linacre Quarterly in print and online! Continuously published since 1934, the Linacre Quarterly (the CMA’s official journal) provides a forum in which faith and reason can be brought to bear on analyzing and resolving ethical issues in health care, with a particular focus on issues in clinical practice and research.

Members Only Community Platform
The Members Only Community platform offers members and guilds new and exciting ways to connect. Features include: Announcements; Career Connect (employment opportunities/job postings); Find CMA Members Near You; Group pages for Guilds and Committees; CMA and Guild Events; and a Forum where members can discuss medical-moral issues, exchange ideas and request prayers for their intentions.

Valuable content, newsletters, bulletins, and alerts
The CMA publishes a steady stream of blog posts and press releases responding to current events wherein Church teaching and ethical principles intersect with medicine, technology, and public policy on health care financing and delivery. We also provide newsletters, email updates, and action alerts on political issues and service opportunities.

Personal/professional enrichment through service opportunities
We provide members with opportunities to participate in various programs providing a high level of personal and professional enrichment—and benefiting the medical community and the culture in which we live.

Member discounts to the annual conference
Membership discounts at CMA’s annual conference, which provides educational and networking opportunities, and opportunities to earn continuing medical education units.

Who should join?

CMA membership is comprised of the following groups. All of the dollar figures below represent annual membership dues, paid first upon joining and renewed each calendar year.

Member GroupsAnnual Dues
Active Physicians$447
First Year in Practice$210
Second Year in Practice$315
Semi-Retired Physicians (<20 Hours per Week)$184
Retired Physicians (0 Hours per Week)$105
Residents or Fellows$53
Clergy or Religious who are Physicians$80
Uniformed Service (Active Duty Only)$210
All other doctoral degrees including:
D.D.S., D.M.D., plus C.R.N.A., P.A., N.P., and C.N.M.
Retired (0 Hours per Week)$105
Nurses and Allied Health Professionals$158
Retired (0 Hours per Week)$105
Clergy and Religious$53
SeminariansNo Charge
Friends and Supporters$158