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July 17, 2011

Why Natural Family Planning Should Be a Part of Marriage Preparation

    With Natural Family Planning (NFP) Awareness Week coming up (July 24-July 30), we wanted to share a few thoughts on NFP.  As a teaching couple, we have heard many arguments for and against NFP and whether or not it should be a mandatory part of marriage preparation.  One of the great misunderstandings concerning... Read More

July 17, 2011

And We’re Back!

  After a brief summer break to allow for some travel and exam preparations, the blogging is back on!  Next week is NFP Awareness Week, and so you can anticipate a couple more blog posts focusing on that theme!  

June 13, 2011

The Medicinal Gifts of the Holy Spirit

We are currently in the Octave of Pentecost, a time of celebrating the descent of the Holy Spirit and the wonderful gifts the Spirit gives to us.  These gifts are so important to the physician in caring for a patient, and as caregivers, we must take a moment and pray that the Holy Spirit will... Read More

June 5, 2011

A Note from Joe

    This note is from a young man who was recently diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma.  I encourage you to read through this, thinking about how you yourself would respond if you found yourself in his shoes. Then I would ask for you to pray for this young man, that, in his words, God may be glorified... Read More

May 26, 2011

A Reflection on a OB/GYN Rotation by Gil Harmon

    I’ve just completed my OB/GYN rotation, and to be honest it was everything I thought it would be and many things that I didn’t think it would be. It was the best of times….and the worst of times….all at once. When I started my third year of medical school, one of the first... Read More

May 9, 2011

Right Place At the Right Time

On my way home from work, I just happened to be in the right place at the right time.  I was nearly home when I saw that there was an accident up ahead.  As I passed by, I saw that there was a man lying in the turn lane, and a mangled bike further down... Read More

April 28, 2011

Pope John Paul II

This weekend, as all probably know, is the beatification of Pope John Paul II.  As such, I wanted to share this piece written by a friend, Tom Crowe, over at CatholicVote.org     Dignity, Strength, and Love Through Suffering: A Sign of Contradiction Thomas Crowe     I can’t shake the memories of seeing him... Read More

January 18, 2011

Poisoned By the Pill

  As Catholic medical students, it is important that we are able to explain our reluctance (and some may say abhorrence) at prescribing contraceptives.  In order to penetrate the societal fog that has engulfed our generation, we must be able to explain our position from medical and experiential perspective.  I hope that this article will... Read More

January 12, 2011

ADF makes gains for freedom of Conscience in Vanderbilt Case

  Great News from the Alliance Defense Fund!   News releases:  1/12/2011  |  1/11/2011 Vanderbilt University abandons illegal policy that forced nursing residents to sign abortion pledge Policy change comes one day after ADF files complaints with Department of Health and Human Services  Wednesday, January 12, 2011 NASHVILLE — Vanderbilt University Wednesday modified its nurse residency application so... Read More

December 14, 2010

A Physician’s Love

Week 1: The Basics of Love Definitions: • Eros- physical attraction • Phileo- preference, how you feel • Agape- sacrificial, how you can meet another’s needs • Storge- affection naturally occurring between family members John 21:15-19 When they had finished breakfast, Jesus said to Simon Peter, “Simon, son of John, do you love me sacrificially... Read More