CMA Resources for Students

September 14, 2010

Getting Others Involved in Your CMA Student Group

  Getting others involved So, you’ve realized the importance of strengthening the Catholic presence at your medical school but don’t know where to turn next?  Here are some ideas on how to approach others in your community to spread the interest and get others involved. Students Does your school have a student organization fair? Set... Read More

September 13, 2010

Healing in the Bible

Ecclesiasticus (or Sirach) 38:1-16 Hold the Physician in honor, for he is essential to you, and God it was who established his profession. From God the doctor has his wisdom, and the king provides for his sustenance. His knowledge makes the doctor distinguished, and gives him access to those in authority. God makes the earth... Read More

August 17, 2010

Suggested Activities

Through discussion and comparison of programs throughout the country,  it has become clear that there are two distinct but both very important roles of the CMSA: (1) to help students grow in faith in the medical school community and (2) to help students apply that faith in the medical community. Our experience has been that... Read More

August 15, 2010

Prayer In Time of Sickness

O Jesus, You suffered and died for us;  You understand suffering;  Teach me to understand my suffering as You do;  To bear it in union with You;  To offer it with You to atone for my sins  And to bring Your grace to souls in need.  Calm my fears; increase my trust.  May I gladly... Read More

July 31, 2010

White Mass Planning Resources

White Mass Planning Resources History of White Mass The tradition of the White Mass in the United States finds its origins in the development of the national Catholic Medical Association in the early 1930s. From its inception, the medical profession has been understood as a healing profession, a way in which Christ’s work continues upon... Read More

June 30, 2010

Local Leadership

  Fact: one person cannot do it all. As passionate as you are and as much as you want to make sure all your good ideas come to fruition just as you imagine them, your group will suffer if one person tries to do it all. Giving other people leadership titles helps them to develop... Read More

May 14, 2010

Prayer of St. Thomas Aquinas

Give us, O Lord, steadfast hearts, which no unworthy thought can drag downwards; unconquered hearts, which no tribulation can wear out, upright hearts, which no unworthy purpose may tempt aside. Bestow upon us also, O Lord our God, understanding to know Thee, diligence to seek Thee, wisdom to find Thee, and a faithfulness that may... Read More