Catholic Witness in Healthcare: Practicing Medicine in Truth & Love


The issues it faces don’t just concern academic bioethicists – they concern every faithful Catholic doctor, nurse, practitioner, and even patient. Modern medical practitioners on the ground, day-in, day-out, wrestling with medical moral matters, witnessing what is happening in American medicine today, while also striving to witness to their Catholic faith in living out their medical vocation – these are the primary authors of this unique book, and these are the readers it hopes to serve.
Catholic Witness in Health Care integrates the theoretical presentation of Catholic medical ethics with real life practice. It begins with fundamental elements of Catholic care, touching upon Scripture, moral philosophy, theology, Christian anthropology, and pastoral care. The second part features Catholic clinicians illuminating authentic Catholic medical care in their various medical disciplines: gynecology and reproductive medicine, fertility, pediatrics, geriatrics, critical care, surgery, rehabilitation, psychology, and pharmacy. Part three offers unique perspectives concerning medical education, research, and practice, with an eye toward creating a cultural shift to an authentically Catholic medical ethos.

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