Call for Papers

Call for Papers

Special Issue November 2020

In Defense of Human Dignity: Against the Depersonalization and Commodification of the Human Person

There is an increasingly prevalent vision of man that fails to understand the dignity innate in simply being human and instead views the human person as a thing to be manipulated and valued only for what it can contribute to social expectations of production or social values and norms.

Catholics, especially Catholic physicians, have a unique opportunity to witness to the value of human life simply because it is human life. 

We are seeking submissions, particularly essays, by guest commentators on the various aspects of commodification/dehumanization in modern society.  Relevant topics include–but are certainly not limited to–the following:

  • What is the human person; Christian anthropology
  • Personalism and humanism and Christian anthropology
  • Human trafficking and/or the “sex worker” culture
  • Surrogacy as commodification of the surrogate and the child
  • In Vitro assisted reproduction and the commodification of the child
  • Organ transplantation; implied consent donation Laws, death by donation, euthanasia and donation
  • Euthanasia, the loss of “commodity value” and the desire for death
  • Commodification of the patient by the medical record
  •  Commodification of the physician and patient by delivery and payment systems
  • The language of commodification in medicine and society
  • How distortion of the human person by commodification affects relationship
  • Pornography and objectification of the person
  • Commodification of the person in corporate management structures (medical and otherwise)
  • Commodification/depersonalization of the marginalized, impaired, and/or unborn
  • How social medical contributes to commodification
  • Understanding other religious/social  views of the human person
  • Serving the human person in medicine: patient, family and others

We are particularly interested in commentary that presents the Catholic view of the human person in a way that invites and engages a secular audience, as well as offerings that assist Catholics in understanding the ways in which  Catholics can connect and work with secular allies in reshaping an increasingly utilitarian society.

Submission deadline is May 31, 2020.