Ashley K. Fernandes, MD, PhD, FAAP

Click this link to view the Curriculum Vitae for Ashley K. Fernandes, MD, PhD, FAAP, which includes a list of previous presentations.

List of Topics:

  1. Conscience/conscience protection
  2. Medical Ethics: Theoretical Foundations (Catholic & secular)
  3. Euthanasia/PAS, pediatric euthanasia/Physician assisted suicide
  4. Assisted Reproductive Technologies
  5. Reforming Medical Business: A Personalistic Approach
  6. Contraception/Chastity/Abstinence (Medical, philosophical etc.)
  7. Withdrawal of Artificial Nutrition and Hydration in Children
  8. Vaccines (includ. MMR, HPV)—a defense of their use within Catholic teaching
  9. Every Life is Worth Living: Lessons from Medicine and the Holocaust
  10. Current Ethical Controversies in Pediatrics
  11. Social Media Use in the Family: A Catholic Approach
  12. How to Debate Smart People (and Win) [interactive workshop, 2 hrs]
  13. Advanced Communication and Catholic End of Life Care [interactive workshop, 2-3 hrs]

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