Sister Mary Diana Dreger, OP, MD

List of Topics:

  1. Abortion: Medical, Philosophical, & Pastoral Considerations in the Era of Pope Francis (current Church teachings on abortion)
  2. A Biological Look at Contraception; (uses biological principles to show how contraception is contrary to good health)
  3. Humanae Vitae: Married Life & Love; (an overview of Humanae Vitae, originally presented to a group in RCIA)
  4. Science, Conscience, & Contraception; (what is science, what is conscience, and why contraception is a problem)
  5. Contraception is Bad Medicine; (can be viewed at this link)
  6. Life as a Choice?; (considers abortion as well as artificial reproduction)
  7. Biology and Theology: On Human Sexuality (teachings on human sexuality often not well understood by the average Catholic, originally presented at a Catholic school faculty meeting)
  8. Reproductive and Anti-Reproductive Technologies (Church teachings on contraception and artificial reproduction including an overview of fertility awareness, originally presented at a Catholic school faculty meeting)
  9. The Practice of Virtue in the Practice of Medicine (the intersection of modern professionalism and classic teaching on virtue as it applies to the physician)
  10. Re-Centering Medicine in the Gospel of Jesus: I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life; (faith and reason used to explore the nature of the medical profession)
  11. Physicians or Technicians: Why Conscience Matters (can be viewed at this link)
  12. Defining Death and Why it Matters (how death has been defined in several ways, and implications for care)
  13. Care of the Aging: In the Steps of the Divine Physician (a Catholic approach to caring for the elderly)
  14. Medicine, Morals, and Faith (overview of several medical ethics issues, originally presented for an evening lecture at a parish)
  15. Medical and Moral Issues (six medical/moral questions posed in advance by an audience, with a fast-paced response to each)
  16. Bioethical Considerations: Moral, Medical, Pastoral (contraception, artificial reproduction, and end-of-life issues, presented to permanent deacons, seminarians, and priests)
  17. The Indispensable Need for a Christian Anthropology (teachings of John Paul II on understanding the human person, from a physicians point of view)
  18. Lessons Learned: Caring for the Poor (observations in a primary care clinic for the uninsured)
  19. Medical Marijuana: Weeding Out the Truth (uses the principle of double effect to evaluate the medical use of marijuana)
  20. Chastity: What Parents Need to Know for their Kids (medical evidence to help parents be the primary educators of their children in the area of human sexuality, appropriate for parents even of very young children)
  21. Praying in the Catholic Tradition (considerations on prayer, presented to medical student and physician groups)
  22. The Body of Christ: the Eucharist and the Medical Professional (reflections on the Church’s teaching on the Eucharist, and what this means to physicians)
  23. Courageously Living as Women of Faith: The Spiritual, Corporeal, and Moral Woman (three presentations for women, given as a half-day retreat)
  24. Faith in God’s Mercy, Body, and Love: Confession, the Eucharist, and Prayer (another three-part half-day retreat for women)
  25. Understanding Stress: Biology and the Spiritual Life (scientific understanding of stress applied to the Christian life)
  26. Changing Habits: Physical and Spiritual (the stages of change model applied to growing in virtue)

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