William L. Toffler, MD

Click this link to view the Curriculum Vitae for William L. Toffler, MD, which includes a list of previous presentations.
List of Topics:

  1. Caring for our aging loved ones.
  2. Responding to requests for assisted suicide
  3. POLST: Panacea or Problematic Paradigm?
  4. Conscientious Practice
  5. Premature birth and breast cancer
  6. Abortion and breast cancer
  7. Assisted suicide: what have we learned?
  8. Counseling the abortion-minded
  9. Medical ethics
  10. Natural Family Planning
  11. Emerging from the darkness: one physician’s journey to a fully Catholic practice
  12. Embryonic stem cells: myths versus realities
  13. Countering the culture of death
  14. The practice of faith in the medical world: does it have a place?
  15. DNR versus DNC: Do not resuscitate versus Do not care

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