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Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Compassionate Nursing in Time of Crisis

CMA members Maria Arvonio and Allen Zelno joined a delegation of nurses gathered with President Donald Trump in the oval office as he signed a proclamation for National Nurses Day on May 6, 2020.

One Florida Doctor’s Early Action to Defeat COVID-19

Akey, who is the president of the St. Gianna Guild of North Central Florida, said that her motivation to serve her patients well during the coronavirus crisis led to a noticeable burst of energy and 80-hour work weeks. The only thing on her mind, she remembered, was the care of her patients, and the safety of her staff.

Physician, Heal Thyself

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased stress tremendously for many physicians and health care providers in multiple ways that are unprecedented in volume and intensity. Considering 50% of physicians reported burnout prior to the pandemic, it is now increasingly important to follow the directive found in Luke 4:23, “Physician, heal thyself.”

CMA member Dr. Fred Fakharzadeh on the COVID-19 pandemic

CMA spotlights Dr. Fred Fakharzadeh and his story about living near New York City as the pandemic unfolded.

President's Message

There can be no doubt — these times are like no other our generation has known.

Bishop's Column

Many of you are up to your elbows in the care and treatment of virus-infected persons and some of you are, like me, a temporarily displaced person. Each of us has a very important role to play in the scenes in which we find ourselves.

St. Thomas Aquinas Guild of the Quad Cities
Paving the Way for a Future Tanzanian Catholic Doctor

Recently, St. Thomas Aquinas Guild of the Quad Cities made a decision with limited information, based on the faith, humility, and compassion of two good men, one of whom we have never met. That decision has been life-changing.

The Virtual Journal Club: A New Cross-Guild Venture

The Finger Lakes Guild of Rochester, New York and the Palm Beach Physicians Guild of Florida are happy to announce an exciting new way to connect in these challenging times. Building on the successful initiative first launched in New York, the guilds are collaborating with the national CMA office to offer all guilds the new Virtual Journal Club.

Till We Have Faces Again

Every day treating COVID-19 patients took a different spin. Instead of family meetings, I was making care plans and providing daily updates on six-way phone calls. Instead of shaking their hands with a look in the eye, I showed patients my picture.

Being a Medical Student During a Pandemic

Medical school is demanding and there is a constant feeling that we can always be studying more and a temptation not to take breaks. For these past three months, I have taken a step back and spent some much-needed time with family and loved ones.

The Catholic Medical Association’s First Ever Virtual Event a Big Success

The Catholic Medical Association’s annual Medical Student and Resident Boot Camp and Leadership Training Meetings had record breaking attendance despite the fact that the coronavirus pandemic forced the CMA to switch gears last minute and plan its first ever virtual event.

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