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Collaborating for Continued Success

Organizing for the Common Good

The Catholic Medical Association is one example of an association of medical professionals united for the purpose of upholding the common good in the provision of healthcare in America. However, we cannot accomplish our mission in isolation.

Collaborating is Central to Success

Regardless of political ideology, most Americans share a common goal to further the common good by assuring that no one is left behind in accessing quality healthcare. There are, however, divergent approaches to achieve this goal.

Protecting Religious Liberty and Medical Conscience

Despite the extraordinarily challenging times, I am hopeful because I see the Holy Spirit bringing imperfect vessels (as a mentor calls them) together — like the Christ Medicus Foundation, the Catholic Medical Association and other allies — to do extraordinary things in ways seemingly impossible just a few years ago.

Working Together to Safeguard the Field of Medicine

One of the benefits of Christian faith-based organizations like the Christian Medical & Dental Associations (CMDA) and the Catholic Medical Association (CMA) collaborating is that doing so allows them to exemplify the unity in the Body of Christ.

Leading a Coalition in Defense of Religious Liberty

Federal and state mandates seem to disregard how moral beliefs impact all aspects of a person’s life beyond their Sunday worship. But as Catholics face increasing challenges, we are also experiencing a renewal in the strength of our unified voice.

Forming Unlikely Allies for the Protection of Religious Liberty

At the very least, as we look for allies in our continued struggle for conscience protection and religious freedom, we must remember that it is easy to demonize people one does not know. If you can be the Catholic in a non-Catholic’s life, you can be the reason he or she supports religious liberty.

President's Message

The powers of evil are dividing us within our churches and medical organizations. Like a pack of wolves, they single out members of the herd for slaughter. If the herd does not unify to protect the weakest, the herd will suffer.

Chaplain's Corner

Do not think you do not have enough time to do a weekly holy hour in front of the Blessed Sacrament. If you make the time, you will find new energy and efficiency to get all of your work done — at work and at home.

Tanya Gould: A Human Trafficking Survivor and Advocate Warrior

If someone other than Tanya Gould's trafficker had treated her as if her life had value earlier, perhaps things would have been different. But for the next vulnerable person, thanks to the good work of GSO and survivors like Gould, there is hope things will be.

Caring for the Hispanic Community: A Call to Live and Work by Catholic Social Doctrine

The Church’s teaching on social doctrine offers a clear and compelling framework for addressing some of the challenges and disparities Hispanics experience not only in healthcare, but also in daily life.

Annual Leadership Training Meeting & Medical Student and Resident Boot Camp: “Fishers of Men: Discipleship in Action”

The Annual Leadership Training Meeting was held in conjunction with the weeklong ethics Medical Student and Resident Boot Camp. Physicians, residents and medical students from all over the country gathered along with virtual attendees to discuss practical ways to live discipleship, grow in leadership skills and apply those lessons to their guilds and medical practices.

Equipped and Inspired: One Medical Student’s Experience of CMA’s Annual Boot Camp

One of the incredible highlights of this experience was connecting with fellow Catholic medical students. We came from all across the country and from different backgrounds, but we all shared a deep desire to serve God and His people as loving and faithful Catholic physicians. It was an honor and inspiration to walk alongside these individuals throughout the week.

Catholic Medical Association Announces New Television Show ‘VITAL SIGNS’

The faith-based medical show is hosted by CMA Board Member and Micrographic Dermatologic Surgeon, Dr. Thomas McGovern. Dr. McGovern, along with CMA member guests, provide expert insight for the every-day viewer through conversational episodes which cover a range of relevant topics from depression to contraception.

Catholic Medical Association Announces Three New Guilds

Three new guilds — one each from the states of Vermont, Oklahoma and California — have officially joined CMA. “Watching CMA grow is incredibly rewarding, and we are grateful for the contributions the members of these guilds will make as Catholic physicians," said President Dr. Michael Parker.

Every Deep-drawn Breath: Debut Book for CMA’s Nashville Guild President Dr. Wes Ely

In his debut book, Every Deep-drawn Breath, Dr. Wes Ely, President of the Nashville CMA Guild and Founder of the ICU Delirium and Cognitive Impairment Study Group at Vanderbilt Medical School, employs personal reflection, scientific research, patient experience, and medical history to reveal a clear path to better care for patients in the ICU.

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