November 6, 2011

ADF Protects Conscience Rights in New Jersey

The Alliance Defense Fund once again has helped protect conscience rights, at least temporarily.  A New Jersey Hospital recently began telling nurses that they would be required to assist in abortions or risk losing their jobs.  Now if this wasn’t a blatant violation of conscience rights, then I don’t know what is.  However, the ADF stepped in a filed an injunction, and at least for now, the nurses are safe.  The hospital cannot implement this new policy.  Please read the story over at ADF’s website.  This is a very big case because this is one of the most direct attacks on conscience rights we have seen in some time.   This hospital is affiliated with the medical school in New Jersey, and one has to wonder how long it would be before a similar policy was implemented for medical students.  WE all need to keep an eye on this story, because it can have many implications in the near future.

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