June 29, 2020

Catholic Medical Association Appalled as SCOTUS Strikes Down Louisiana Abortion Clinic Requirements

Philadelphia, PA- June 29, 2020— The Catholic Medical Association is appalled after the Supreme Court of The United States ruled against a common-sense law which was in place to protect the lives of patients.
“The SCOTUS decision not to require abortion providers to have admitting privileges in the case of a major medical complication is dangerous to say the least, ” said CMA President, Dr. Michael Parker.
“It has long been clear that the lives of unborn babies are not valued by these businesses, but now, neither are the lives of the pregnant women undergoing serious medical procedures,” added Dr. Parker.
CMA believes this ruling opens the door to danger for any patient undergoing any serious medical procedure and that SCOTUS should ensure that abortion clinics are held to the same standard that all medical facilities in the country are.
This has been a case experts at CMA have been following for months. In fact, on the morning of March 4th, 2020, CMA members joined others at a pro-life rally outside the Supreme Court (when oral arguments began).
“CMA is disappointed to see SCOTUS once again put the interests of the abortion industry before the health and safety of patients, born and unborn alike.” added Dr. Parker.

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