May 12, 2022

Catholic Medical Association Applauds, Thanks U.S. Senators Who Stood Up for Life, Voted Down Extreme Abortion Bill

Philadelphia, PA-May 12, 2022-  Catholic Medical Association wishes to thank the United States Senators who voted against the Women’s Health Protection Act to ensure this extreme abortion on demand bill did not pass.

“We are grateful to the members of our United States Senate who recognize and respect the right to life,” said Tim Millea, M.D., Chair of CMA’s Health Care Policy Committee.

“The so-called Women’s Health Protection Act was an attempt to allow abortion on demand at any point in a woman’s pregnancy. We must continue to stand up against this type of destructive legislation in order to protect women and their children,” added Dr. Millea.

CMA also thanks its members who spoke out against this bill, voicing their concerns from both medical and faith-based perspectives.

“We will continue to fight for the right to life and work to inform everyone that a human being exists from the moment of conception,” said Craig Treptow, M.D., CMA President.

“Thank you to all who stood up and did the right thing to ensure mothers and their unborn children are treated with the dignity they deserve,” added Dr. Treptow.

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