January 23, 2021

Catholic Medical Association Condemns Hateful Disruption of Mass for Unborn Lives on Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

Philadelphia, PA- January 23, 2021- The Catholic Medical Association is calling on President Joe Biden and his Administration, along with Ohio Governor, Mike DeWine, to condemn the actions of several abortion rights activists who disrupted a Catholic Mass for the Unborn and for Life.

The so-called “protest” occurred at St. Joseph Cathedral in Columbus, OH on January 22, the 48th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court ruling which legalized abortion.

“The CMA calls on President Biden and Governor DeWine to condemn attacks on places of worship,” said CMA President, Dr. Michael Parker.

“Storming into a Cathedral, disrupting Holy Mass by shouting inflammatory and hateful remarks, is an attack on our religious freedom,” added Dr. Parker.

The CMA seeks to uphold the dignity of life and advocates for policies which support life. We remain dedicated to protecting the conscience and religious liberties of Catholics and people of faith everywhere.

“Violence against persons of any faith, along with the disruption of religious services, is wrong and must not be tolerated. Just as we pray for the lives lost to abortion and their parents, we pray for peace, understanding, conversion of hearts, and those whose views differ from ours,” said Father Christopher Kubat, CMA National Chaplain.

“We call on the Biden Administration to denounce all violence as part of its call for unity,” added Dr. Parker.

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