August 29, 2011

CMA SS is Traveling to Rome

This evening, the VP of the CMA-SS is off to Rome for a few days to cover the MaterCare International 8th Annual Conference titled “Dignity of Mothers and Obstetricians-Who on Earth Cares”.  The conference is going to be held Instituto Maria Bambina, which is located right off of St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican.  We encourage you to follow the above link and check out the schedule and speakers, and then to continue to check the blog over the next week for postings about the conference and the trip to the Vatican.  Also, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @Cathmedstudents and on facebook (www.facebook.com/catholicmedicalstudents) during this trip.  Brian will be posting updates on talks and the events throughout the conference. 
Most of all, your prayers are appreciated during this time of travel! 
In Christ,
CMA-SS Officers

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