December 30, 2011

Encountering IUDs

MYTH: IUDs are abortifacient. Isn’t that good to know? That was the title of a slide in one of my pharmacology lectures during my gynecology unit.
In no other class is the pharmacology taught in a way that is reminiscent of an attorney aggressively defending his client in court. With no other medications are the adverse effects casually dismissed as they are with hormonal contraceptives.
It was a sad and frustrating experience to be subjected to secular physicians indoctrinating a new generation of future-physicians with their world view that praises the wonders of contraceptives as the answer to many ‘women’s health’ questions. 
I emailed my teacher and asked for clarification of her claim that IUDs are not abortifacient. The response I got was predictably full of social commentary and jargon with a non-existent scientific explanation, likely because one doesn’t exist. I then emailed physicians in my local CMA guild who were able to provide me with support, encouragement and advise on how to best handle the deviation from truth that I had witnessed.
It is my feeling that the vast increase in use of artificial contraception in this country decreases the apparent dignity of women. The marital act is cheapened. It is delegated to merely a pleasure-seeking act with no consequences. The unintentional consequence of this is spouses seeing each other as objects, a means to an end. Paul VI said, “a man who gets used to having sex with contraception may forget the inherent reverence a women deserves, disregarding her physical and emotional equilibrium, and treat her as a mere instrument for the satisfaction of his own desires.”
I thank God for the gift of the CMA, for the support and encouragement they offer to all of us as we proceed through our training.
I look forward to a successful and meaningful year serving as your technology officer. I pray that God blesses all of us as we strive to promote the dignity of all life at our schools, with our friends, and in our families.
In Christ,

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