September 14, 2010

Getting Others Involved in Your CMA Student Group


Getting others involved
So, you’ve realized the importance of strengthening the Catholic presence at your medical school but don’t know where to turn next?  Here are some ideas on how to approach others in your community to spread the interest and get others involved.

Does your school have a student organization fair? Set up a nice table with lots of exciting information about your group’s potential. One school hands out booklets entitled “Surviving Med School as a Catholic” with information about prayers, planned activities, conscience protections, bioethical principles, and photos of the local mentors. The most important tool for recruitment, though, is a smile. If you have a strong group of upperclassmen, you may consider a “Big sib, little sib” program where the third or fourth year students meet for coffee with first year students and talk and welcome them to the medical school community. Many students have commented what they need most is someone to go to Mass with, so make sure you start forming a group to go to Mass right away!

Community support
Let’s face it- medical school is (thankfully) only four years. You will graduate and move on. Having roots in the community will help make sure that the progress the group makes under your leadership is not lost once you move on. It is beneficial if there is someone on staff at the Newman Center or a local parish who can minister to the CMA students group. They can be a source of continuity between leaders and a source of motivation when you get bogged down in schoolwork.


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