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Section: Health Care Policy Notes

Holy Week and the Fight to Safeguard Women’s Health Against Abortion Drugs

By Dr. Tim Millea   Tuesday, March 26th, dawned with clouds and chilly temperatures. However, a warm atmosphere prevailed in the basement of St. Peter’s Church on Capitol Hill as pro-life health care professionals from several organizations gathered in preparation for the oral arguments at the United States Supreme Court in the case FDA v… Read More


There is an increasing number of our CMA colleagues that are considering or already involved in a fully Catholic practice committed to the ethics of our faith. Some of them may be described as “verse 12 clinicians.”

Sign Open Letter to the American Psychiatric Association

Dear CMA Colleagues, Thank you for your prompt involvement last week in signing the petition to oppose the WHO’s transgender panel. Since that request, the number of supporters of the petition has more than doubled, and now counts over 9,000. It is obvious that clear-thinking people, like you, understand the issues involved, and are increasingly… Read More

Lend Your Voice to Stop Agenda-Driven Efforts by WHO

Dear CMA Colleague, The evidence demonstrating the risks and harms associated with gender dysphoria interventions is becoming more obvious, both in the medical community and the public sphere. However, we must continue to shed light on these misguided and dangerous recommendations, with the ultimate goal of putting an end to them. CMA encourages you to… Read More

CMA Opposition to ASRM’s “New Definition of Infertility”

By Dr. Tim Millea   The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) Practice Committee recently announced a new definition of “infertility” by their organization. This definition includes several points that are incongruent with biological and medical facts, prompting the Catholic Medical Association (CMA) to address the issues pertinent to ASRM’s decision. According to ASRM CEO… Read More

American College of Pediatricians Launches New Resource Website

By Dr. Tim Millea   As we all know, controversies regarding so-called “gender care” continue to take center stage in both cultural and medical arenas.  The most effective means of resolving these debates and restoring dignity in the care of these individuals is a thorough understanding of the truth.  A clear and accessible resource that… Read More

CMA Applauds Court of Appeals Opinion in Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine v. FDA

  By Dr. Tim Millea   On August 16, in Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine v. FDA, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals announced its unanimous opinion that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) exceeded its authority when it approved mail order delivery of mifepristone, the chemical abortion drug also known as RU-486. The Catholic… Read More