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Section: State

Florida CMA Educating on the Grave Harm of Amendment 4

Florida is one of multiple states that will have an amendment on the November ballot attempting to supersede state legislation limiting abortion. In Florida, Amendment 4 would allow for abortion right up to the moment of birth. It also removes parental consent law for minors seeking an abortion and eliminates basic safety and health regulations… Read More

CMA Members at the Forefront of Fighting State Physician Assisted Suicide Efforts

By Nadia Smith   CMA Past President and past Baltimore Guild President Dr. Marie-Alberte Boursiquot, F.A.C.P. is working with the Maryland Catholic Conference to fight against powerful out-of-state activists, who are trying to bring physician assisted suicide (PAS) to Maryland. The Maryland Catholic Conference, the official public policy entity for the Archdiocese of Baltimore, Archdiocese of… Read More

Real Alternatives: When Failure is Not an Option

By Kevin I. Bagatta, Esq. In early August, CMA reported the radical news that Governor Josh Shapiro took the unprecedented move to terminate the highly successful 28-year-old Pennsylvania Pregnancy and Parenting Support Program created and administered by the charitable nonprofit, Real Alternatives. Just two days after being sworn in, Governor Shapiro met with Planned Parenthood… Read More

Pennsylvania’s Governor Moves to End Contract with Real Alternatives

By Nadia Smith   For nearly three decades, the Pregnancy and Parenting Support Services program for the state of Pennsylvania, administered by the nonprofit Real Alternatives, has provided other options to abortion to more than 350,000 pregnant and single-parenting women in need of compassionate and comprehensive care. All that may be slated to change with… Read More

Prayers Requested Tomorrow as Ohio Votes on Critical Referendum 

By Dr. Tim Millea   The leadership of the Catholic Medical Association URGE you, in our critical time of need, to pray for a resounding “YES” vote in Ohio tomorrow (August 8) on Issue 1.  This vote is a special referendum for Ohioans that is critically important to protecting innocent lives at all stages.  In November,… Read More

New York Guilds: Beacons of Hope in a Challenging State

By Dr. Paul Carpentier CMA doctors and Catholic health care professionals in New York are doing a beautiful job of witnessing God’s love and the Gospel truth by their conduct in a challenging society. This witness shines through the gloom here in New York and allows the people of this state to hope amidst the lack of… Read More